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Q: Are your products exclusively formulated and crafted in Switzerland?

Yes. We are very proud of products that carry a trademark ensuring ‘100% Swiss made’ and it is one of our distinct differentiators in the global market place and for your complete satisfaction.

Q: How do you ensure that your products achieve superior functionality?

Our team does consist of professionals and experts in hair and skin care and together with a specialist team, taking care from ingredients, product formulation to manufacturing, we invest only in products that create a WOW effect at our customer and consumer end.

Q: Where do your key ingredient come from?

The signature ingredients used in all our hair care formulations are of pure Swiss origin. Each of them brings specific quality attributes from the Swiss mountains into our products and they are therefore an important part to our secret of success.

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Q: Are all your ingredients of organic quality?

An important part of the ingredients used in our product formulations are of certified organic origin. Through meticulous supplier management and the certified Quality Management system we ensure only the best quality ingredients being used for your products.

Q: What type of packaging materials do you use?

For all type of products which you might use directly in your shower or bath we insist on using bio-plastics, made of non-fossil resources. This ensures that you don’t injure yourself in case of a product slipping and falling-down.

Additionally, and wherever possible we use glass packaging, this as the best protection of our PURE SWISS LUXURY products. All packaging can therefore be introduced to existing recycling collections.

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